The Sport

Full Contact Medieval Combat 

What is this buhurt? …

  • Buhurt is a group fight typically involving “5 vs 5″ fighters, and ranging up to “150 vs 150” mass battles,
  • The rules are simple, the team with fighters still standing at the end of the round wins,
  • In true medieval style, weapons such as axes, halberds, swords are used in battle.

Is it only group fights? …

  • Not at all, there are singles events that you can also participate in, these are a broken down in to two catergories, technical and pro fight.
  • Technical categories include, Longsword, Sword and Shield, Sword and Buckler as well as Pole Arm.
  • Pro fights, is a no holds bar fight between two opponents, think MMA with real steel weapons.

What if I just want to help out? …

  • We are always in need of Marshals and support personnel to help at events and in committee roles.

Where to I sign up? …

  • Click on here to Join the fight!