Terms & Conditions of Membership

We invite you to join the ‘Australian Medieval Combat Federation’ (AMCF). Membership entitles you to participate in AMCF activities, events, support, public liability insurance as well as any weapons exemptions held by the AMCF.

A passport approved photo will be required with your membership application. Be aware there is a membership fee paid annually to the AMCF.

Waiver and Assumption of Risk

Upon accepting these terms and conditions I am hereby unconditionally release, waive and discharge my right, whether by contract or under operation of law to file cause of action(s) or claim(s) which I may have against Australian Medieval Combat Federation, now or in the future.

I hereby assume any and all risk of loss, liability, damage or costs, including bodily injury or property damage that may incur arising out or in connection to my acts and/or omissions.

I fully understand the terms set forth in this form, and I hereby waive my rights freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance, or guarantee being made to me to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Photo Identification

You are required to include a passport approved photo along with your application.

Health Check

Due to the sport’s high level of intense physical activity in a dangerous environment, AMCF is required to make sure that you are physically capable of competing in full contact armoured fighting.  By accepting these terms and conditions, you are acknowledging that you have sought the approval of a healthcare professional to conduct full contact medieval combat.

Members Code of Conduct

The applicant understands and agrees to:

1. Participate in matches in accordance with the rules and regulations of the AMCF;

2. Respect the spirit of the laws of the AMCF and fair play, and behave accordingly;

3. Display and foster respect for marshals, opponents, coaches, administrators, other officials, parents and spectators;

4. Never argue with or dispute a decision of a Marshall. If a competitor disagrees with a decision, they should deal with their dispute in accordance with the relevant rules, regulations, policies and determinations of the AMCF;

5. Control their emotions and not engage in verbal abuse of Marshalls, sledging of other players or display behaviour that deliberately distracts or provokes an opponent;

6. Never engage in any type of violence either on or off the field unless within the confine of the AMCF rules and regulations;

7. Contribute to a safe sporting environment and respectful culture which is accepting of individual differences, and behave accordingly;

8. Co-operate with their captains, support and team-mates;

9. Participate for their own enjoyment and benefit and for the enjoyment and benefit of their teammates;

10. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of the gender, ability, sexual orientation, cultural background or religion;

11. Not behave in any way that may bring the Competitor, the Team, the State, the League or the AMCF into disrepute;

12. Not engage in conduct that is (in the AMCF’s reasonable opinion), unethical, unbecoming or likely to cause harm to the reputation of the Competitor, the Team, the State, the League or the AMCF;

13. Not take part in any form of bullying including via the use of social media;

14. Use appropriately the facilities and equipment made available for training, matches and events, including facilities provided by the opposing teams or host of the event;

15. Be responsible for their actions.

Membership Terms and Conditions

1. The purpose of individual membership to the AMCF is to ensure acceptable conduct, authenticity, (and where appropriate) quality of weapons and equipment, consistency in training, fighting skill and fairness.

2. Application for membership can be made by anyone over the age of 18, male or female, wishing to participate within Australian Medieval Combat in any capacity, such as a fighter, marshal, support or member of the committee.

 3. New individual members can attend events as probationary members after prior vetting of their kit and safety standard, by the appropriate Committee Officer once their membership form has been accepted. They shall then be mentored by the Committee Officers and their appointed State Representative and will only become full members after a six-month probationary period and meets the standards required for conduct, authenticity and where appropriate, skill.

 4. Public liability insurance is provided to probationary and full members at events and covers regional groups for their event’s and training providing they abide by AMC Rules and Regulations.

 5. AMCF membership is valid from 01 July to 30 June the following year, in line with public liability insurance. Those members who have not renewed their membership by 01 June shall cease to be members and shall forfeit all associated rights.

 6. After expenses and running costs, the proceeds of AMCF membership fees and other funds will be held for promotion, equipment purchase and other expenditure, as seen fit by the AMCF Committee.

7. The names of all members shall be submitted by their State Representative to the AMCF membership register. This register is final. Any fighter or participant not on this register will not be covered by insurance or be allowed to participate in events in any capacity other than as a spectator.

 8. All individual members agree to carry current membership identification at all regional and national event’s where they intend to participate in a capacity other than a spectator. They will be required to produce this for scrutiny at the request of any Committee Officer, event organiser or law enforcement.

 9. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any application for membership, or temporarily revoke membership for the investigation of serious rule infringements or permanently revoke membership for serious or repeated infringements of the Rules and Regulations or Code of Conduct or these Terms and Conditions.

10. I agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the AMCF once membership is approved.

11. I agree that by joining the AMCF, I acknowledge the risk involved and will not hold any other member of the AMCF or any AMCF official responsible or liable for injuries that I may sustain.

12. I understand that I am a probationary membership for a period of six (6) months and that at any time the AMCF can cancel my membership. I also understand that my membership can be voided at any time if I do not follow the directions of the AMCF, State or Commonwealth Law, or by failing to adhere to the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions.

13. I understand that before I participate in any State or Territory of Australia that it is my personal responsibility to comply with Police and / or Department of Justice Policy related to prohibited weapons legislation and that the AMCF is not responsible or liable for my actions.

 14. I am aware that there is an annual membership fee which can increase or decrease as dictated by the AMCF Committee.

 15. I am not a Prohibited Person, as defined by Commonwealth Legislation, in any State or Territory of Australia.

 16. I am aware of, and will abide by, all weapons handling and storage requirements as dictated by Commonwealth and State legislation and as per AMCF Rules and Regulations.

 17. I understand and will comply with the Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions of the AMCF;


AMCF Guidelines for Safe Handling of Weapons.

To better align the AMCF with State Government’s Control of Weapons Acts, the AMCF will enforce the below guidelines for the safe storage, transportation and handling of swords and weapons specifically for use in HMB and IMCF.

1. Swords and Weapons must only be used for training, competing or displaying the sport of HMB. Using a weapon for any other purpose may require additional exemptions specific to that purpose.

2. Swords and Weapons must be stored safely and securely so that they are not readily available of accessible for possession, carriage or use by non-exempt person(s).


3. When transporting Swords and Weapons between there place of storage and place of intended use, Swords and Weapons must be stored in a manner calculated to ensure that they are not readily accessible to a non-exempt person and that they are concealed from plain sight.

4. A person using the AMCF’s exemption is required, when requested, to allow any member of law enforcement to inspect his or her storage of Swords and Weapons at any reasonable pre-arranged time.

5. A member of the AMCF must keep a record of how many Swords and Weapons they have in their possession.

6. If a Sword or Weapon is sold the seller must keep a record of sale for a period of up to 3 years.

7. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to purchase weapons, however under certain State Weapons Act’s they are permitted to use them.

For further information on the Control of Weapons can be found at the following links;





Western Australia


New South Wales


Northern Territory